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Plan your Winter Maintenance Now!

Welcome to a world of Integrated Facilities Management


Simpson Property Services (SPS) has been a leading player in the facilities management industry in the North East of Scotland for over 20 years - we’ve helped to shape the way this market has evolved, and we’re now pioneering a totally integrated approach. SPS offers a full range of facilities management services, from basics such as cleaning and maintenance to high-end specialist services like workplace management.


At SPS, integrated facilities management means tailor-making a package that doesn’t just fit your needs, but also your geographical location as well as your business profile. It also means providing services through our own teams, rather than through complex supply chains which only duplicate management levels and margins.


We back this up with our state-of-the-art web-based management information system, ConnectWise, which makes it easier for you to monitor both our performance and your property portfolio. We pride ourselves on giving clients the best of both worlds: all the efficiency savings of outsourcing, but the same degree of control, commitment and accountability you’d have if you did it all in-house.


In the current climate, everyone needs to economise, and SPS can deliver that, saving you money from day one. But we’re also helping our clients seize this opportunity to make more far-reaching changes to the way they do business, by reducing costs and increasing value. Our approach is designed to save you money today, and make your business more efficient and sustainable for tomorrow.

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