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Facilities Management Services

Facilities management companies vary significantly in what they offer - at Simpson Property Services we are a management company, working with service partners to deliver a wide range of services. Our facilities management solutions can cover on and off-site management, 24/7 helpdesk, maintenance, cleaning, catering, security, project management and a whole host of related services required when you own or occupy property. With every customer we first try to understand their current situation, understand their goals and understand their culture. This knowledge allows us to evaluate and recommend solutions from the various service delivery options that will be available to you.


Buying multiple services for single or multiple sites throws up so many variables that getting to the best value solution for your organisation often needs independent thought. Our solutions provide independent management that works alongside your management teams. Therefore our goals are your goals. To deliver services such as maintenance, cleaning and catering we engage local, regional and national suppliers, all approved by us for performance, quality and financial stability.

External Building Maintenance

We manage the exterior maintenance of your building to ensure that it looks good, remains water tight and that walls, gutters and other fixtures and fittings all function as they should.


All this is designed to protect your investment.

Internal Building Maintenance

The interior of your building has to put up with a lot of wear and tear - being home to your employees on a day to day basis as well as welcoming visiting clients and customers.


We ensure that all interior maintenance is looked after - rapidly, professionally and cost effectively.

Grounds Maintenance

Maintaining the grounds around your building is as important as the structure itself - from the paths and driveways - from the grass to the trees - from the carpark to the lighting - each area need its own forms of treatment and care.


The grounds not only welcome your staff but also your clients and customers. Our Grounds Maintenance Teams can look after all of your outdoor areas, enhancing the image of your buildings and your business

Electrical Systems Maintenance

Maintaining all electrical services in a safe and working fashion is vitally important to any company - to ensure compliance with Health & Safety at Work compliance to making sure the lights come on.


Our services include PAT testing and major eletrical upgrades as and when required.

Summer & Winter Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is vitally important for any company - from the tending of the gardens, trees and cutting grass areas to the de-icing of footpaths and car parks in the winter months. 


At SPSFM we can assist your company to fulfil your Health and Safety obligation, to provide safe access and egress at all your premises. All our exterior maintenance is planned to prevent small issues becoming larger problems.  Let our experienced teams take care of your sites summer and winter. 


Plumbing & Drainage Maintenance

From the efficient and safe flushing of the toilets to the water supply - all aspects of the water supply and waste treatment are very important to any business.



Commercial Cleaning

We offer a full, professional cleaning service to the oil and gas industry.  Our teams specialise in cleaning large workshop areas and industrial buildings, including a wide range of floor surfaces, shelving, lights, workstations as well as other areas. 


We use a variety of cleaning products and modern cleaning machines, to clean to a very high standard, to meet the client’s requirements.  We offer a flexible, competitively priced all round cleaning service and are able to quote for long-term contract work or one-off cleaning jobs.


Simpson Property Services (Scotland) is a proud member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

If there is anything you need with regard to the maintenance and management of your buildings or the exterior environment which we have not listed here then please get in touch with us.


Call us on: 01224 873 273 or 07710 425 617


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